Do people really want to be wealthy?

I’ve never met a person who didn’t want more money. Some people claim that money doesn’t matter or that they don’t want to be wealthy. They scoff at people who are successful and spend their money or extravagant things. They claim it they had a lot of money they’d give it to charity, which is bullshit.

I’ve never seen a person legitimately not want more money. I do think that on some level everyone wants to be rich, even if they claim they want to become rich so they can donate to a charity.

But do people really want to be wealthy, or is it just a daydream. We all like nice stuff or at least would enjoy some extra financial security. I think most people believe that they are working hard and being responsible to achieve their goals. They believe if they show up on time, do what they are told and don’t cause problems, they will excel in their careers. At 5:00 they go home and spend time with their friends and family, they don’t worry about their job until they absolutely have too. This is a good way not to get fired.

Do these people really want to get wealthy and be highly successful.


I have an uncle that got a job at UPS when he was in high school. He was from a blue collar family in a small town in the midwest. For generations before him, his family was filled with people who showed up, worked hard, did what they were told and took care of their families. When he was 16 he started washing trucks in the morning before school, then at night he went and loaded trucks. He did this until he turned 21 and they let him become a driver. The first time he washed truck was 44 years ago, he’s still driving his route today at age 60. He’s scheduled to retire next year, he’ll get a pension and a gift when he walks out the door. For over forty years he did the exact same thing every single day, he put food on the table and took care of his family.

Did he really want to get wealthy?


My first “real” job was working as a janitor in a parking garage in Downtown Phoenix, in August. I walked around a parking garage for 8 hours a day picking up trash and mopping floors (yes they made me mop the floor of a parking garage). I did this for about 4 minutes before I realized I needed to upgrade. A couple months later I got a better job as a valet driver. Over the next few years while I was in college I worked at 9 different places, usually two or three simultaneously. When I graduated I took a commission only real estate brokerage job, I was hustling to make deal, fighting for a big pay day. Since then I’ve been on constant alert for new opportunities, whether it be job, contract work, freelancing, business ideas and new investment opportunities. I carefully plan every move I make, considering what the effects will be both in the short term and long term. It took me several years of careful planning, thinking about my career every waking moment, trying to improve my value. I took several years but eventually I started to have breakthroughs. I learned a lot, met new people, took calculated risks and thought about long terms plans every step of the way.

really wanted to become wealthy.

I love my uncle and I respect everything about him. He wasn’t dealt a great hand in life … I was. He’s a smart guy, he’s nice, responsible and professional.

Someone who spent 44 years doing the same thing, never taking a risk, never trying something new, never pushing themselves to do more, doesn’t really care about being wealthy. We all have things we want, but they aren’t very important. Most of us have the same New Year’s resolution every year, we’re going to eat healthier, go to the gym, drink less, read more, etc. We fail at these things year after year though because we want something else more than we want whatever we think our goal is. Most of us like TV more than reading and we like ice cream more than we like being thin. This isn’t a bad thing, just be real with yourself about what’s important.

My uncle could have done a lot of other things if he had really wanted to. He wanted a steady paycheck and good benefits more than he wanted to be rich. He’d love to win the lottery today, but he’d love it more if he could just be sure that his family would be taken care of with a pension and benefits.

Some people really really want to reach their goals. They have specific strategies in place that they execute daily. They are discipline and devoted. They care more about whatever they are trying to accomplish than anything else. The make sacrifices, they miss holidays, they work weekends, they think long term. This isn’t true for most people.

Wanting to be wealthy isn’t really a secret, it pretty obvious. As you mature and other aspects of your life become important, being rich won’t be your focus, but that you’ll want it.

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