Is Being Rich Fun?


All these answers about not needing any money and money not making you happy are written by people who’ve never had any money.

Being rich is fun.

Not worrying about money is fun.

Having options is fun.

Being rich won’t fix everything and won’t make you happy all the time.

Newsflash, nothing will make you happy all the time.

Having some extra money is convenient and will certainly make you happy at times. Being able to approach your life without having to worry about pinching pennies or having big expenses loom over you for your entire life makes things much more enjoyable. And yes, most people have large expenses hang over them forever, they start with student loans, then they buy a house with a 30 year mortgage, then they have kids to provide for forever, then they pay for those kids to go to college, then they have to retire. A lot of people will spend 40 years worrying about money, if they are lucky, even more people will worry about money their entire life, they’ll never be ahead, they never get to take a break.

So yes, having money is fun. Having money makes most of the things you do more fun. It makes the things that aren’t fun more bearable.

What about things money can’t buy? You don’t need money to breath, enjoy the sunset or fall in love. You’re going to need it for everything else though.


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