Do entrepreneurs look for ways to make money in every aspect of life?

I can’t speak for everyone, I can only speak for myself.

I do.

I don’t try to make money all the time, I don’t solicit my friends and family to buy things from me or invest. I don’t try to take advantage of situations where it would be inappropriate to seek a profit. I don’t put money over relationships.

Hundreds of times per day though I observe a situation and think about how to make money from it. Usually this is a mental excise that I only spend a few second on. When I go to a store I think about what products I think they should carry. When I go to a restaurant I imagine what the perfect menu item to add would be. When I go to someone’s house, I think about how I would renovate it to increase the value. I ask myself what I would do if I owned or managed different businesses.

I constantly analyze different businesses, products, strategies in my mind. 99.9% of the that is all it is, just a few seconds of thinking, occasionally something is interesting though. Sometimes I can’t stop thinking about a business or product.

I explore it further, start Googling information on the business or industry. I start to think about how I could get involved. I come of with ideas about how I could do something similar, better or different.

I run with an idea until I lose interest or realize it’s a bad idea.

I do this everyday.

Sometimes I find a good one.

Sometimes something is so interesting to me that I spend hours researching it and think about it. I test my ideas. I try selling them. I turn it into a business.

This is how businesses are started. Entrepreneurs have 1,000’s of ideas, then narrow them down. They find solutions to problems. They turn these problems into opportunities. They turn these opportunities into value. They sell that value.

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