Should we look up to people because they are rich and famous?

Absolutely not. Especially not when we are looking to them for guidance on something that has nothing to do with why they got rich.

One of the most frustrating part of society to me is that we look up to people we shouldn’t.

Celebrities, especially in the age of Twitter and Trump, have made themselves into experts on everything. Most wealthy people, especially celebrities got where they are because they happen to find the right combinations of a skill they had and someone who needed their skill. Lebron is a great basketball play. He was perfect combination of height, weight, speed and coordination. He (and every other NBA player) devoted their lives to becoming great at basketball. He was the perfect storm of natural talent, coaching, physical characteristics and years of practice. None of this has anything to anything other than basketball. Lebron loves to use his fame and fortune to influence people on politics, social issues, etc. I don’t fault Lebron for using his status and platform to influence people in his favor. I think it’s pathetic that it works though. When it comes to advice or guidance or life decisions, politics, relationships, or anything else, Lebron isn’t any more qualified hand out advice than your mailman. In fact he’s probably a much worse resource. His entire life has been much different from everyone else. He was worth $100 million in high school. From the time he was 12 years old he’s been looked at as a prodigy. He’s had adults, parents, teachers, coaches and everyone he comes into contact with saying yes to him his whole life. Think about your birthday when you were a kid. All day long people were nice to you. You got to choose a special meal, people gave you presents, other kids were a little jealous. Your parents and teachers let you get away with a little extra. It’s a day that feels unlike every other day of the year. It’s been Lebron’s birthday every day for 20 years. I’m not saying his life is without problems and everyday is perfect for him, but he’s certainly been treated different. His entire life he’s been number one. The biggest kid in school. The best athlete. He’s been the richest guy in every room since the day he turned 18. His life has been nothing like yours. He can’t identify with you. He hasn’t experienced anything you have.

I don’t mean to pick on Lebron, he is just an example. But if you are seeking guidance on something, try to find someone who’s been in your position.

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