The purchase that changed my life.

Everyday I buy and sell stuff. I buy food, coffee, clothes, gas, movie tickets, rent, electricity, etc. I sell real estate, my time and expertise, my writing. Several transactions every day, sometimes hundreds. Money in, money out. Most of these purchases are completely mindless. I use electricity 24  hours per day. I swipe my card to buy lunch and dinner. As soon as I’m done eating, the purchase is worthless. All of these transactions simply maintain the status quo. I eat, I buy a new shirt, I pay rent, all this money and nothing ever changes. Very few things can be bought that will really change the way you live. For me, the best $10 dollars I ever spent was for a  Amazon Kindle Unlimited membership.

Growing up I hated reading. I sucked at it. I didn’t have the imagination or patience to enjoy and understand kids books. Children’s books are almost all fictional stories that aren’t even close the realm of possibility. Most kids can read and enjoy a story about wizards or vampires and use their imagination to create the story in their mind. For me it was different, I hated fiction, I had the mindset of a 40 year old by the time I was 7. Harry Potter and The Hobbit made no sense to me. Because these are the only books that you are told to read as a kid, I grew to hate it and never felt I could comprehend the storyline.

I didn’t discover my ideal reading list until I was well into my 20’s. I spent years never reading a book unless I absolutely had to. I don’t know what made me do it but this all changed when I tried Amazon Kindle Unlimited . It allows you to access millions of books while only paying for a $10 subscription fee. It’s like Netflix for reading. It’s not just novels either, you can access all type of writing for free. I was shows and movies on Netflix that we would never pay to see in a theatre. Amazon lets you try any book you want until you like one.

Image result for amazon prime

I found books I loved like The Four by Scott Galloway and The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas Stanley. This also inspired me to start writing. In the last few years my knowledge has grown. I feel more confident in my career.

When you want to encourage yourself to do something like exercise, eat healthy, or ready books, you need to make it cheap and easy. If you had to pay $15 every time you went to the gym, you wouldn’t go very often, if you pay a monthly fee for unlimited access, you will go everyday. Kindle Unlimited is like a buffet of books, each one with the ability to improve your life.


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