How you can tell when someone is rich!

The most obvious way to tells someone is rich is when they have a bunch of people around them that look like this:

And they look like this:

On a more serious note, it’s difficult to tell if someone is really wealthy or if they are just trying to appear wealthy. Anyone can spend a few thousand dollars (or less) on a few carefully chosen artifacts to attempt to look rich. A sign someone is faking it is if they tell you about all the fancy things they have. If they are desperate to tell you about something they own, they likely can’t afford it. They’ll also typically try to keep a status symbol with them at all times. I dated a girl who was desperate to appear rich so she bought an overpriced designer purse with very clear and large labels on it. She saved up money to buy one item in the store and obviously picked one that she could carry around everyday and was highly visible.

Wealthy people don’t measure themselves by what they own. They don’t focus on material consumer items to display wealth. Even if they are the type to show off, they will likely be more concerned with either their career status or charitable donations. This is because they realize that A) a high priced item like a sports car is still and insignificant expense that anyone could buy and B) it’s more important to focus on growing their businesses or having experiences.

For more info, check out my new book, Money Moves: Decisions, Traits and Strategies that Separate the Wealthy.


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