Wanna make money illegally? It’s a lot less scary than you think.

There are a million ways to make money illegally. Many of them are not dangerous or very risky. Most people think of drugs and sex when it comes to illegal money. Neither of these are very good avenues. They are incredibly dangerous, risky and unpleasant. If you want make $5,000 quickly the best way is to steel it in plain sight. Walk into a store, grab a few things then walk out. Then take your stolen merchandise and sell it. Repeat this until you have your $5,000.

The key to all this is to channel your inner Julia Roberts and act with confidence and appear legitimate every step of the way.

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Most people go wrong by doing the things other thieves do. They go to cheap stores because they are intimidated by nice ones. They take cheap things because they think expensive ones draw attention. They try to act “natural” which makes them come off as uncomfortable. Rather than trying to sneak something out of a store, carry it proudly. Don’t try unloading it at a pawnshop or Craiglist. Sell it somewhere than no one would expect a stolen item to be sold.

Tip 1- Go to an expensive store at the mall. Dress like your a real customer. Carry an empty bag from a similar store. Most stores at the mall have a policy for their employees that they let it go even if it’s obvious you are stealing something. Nice stores would rather have 10 people steal something than wrongly accuse one person. For the store it isn’t worth making a scene and potentially risk offending a customer over a stolen item. Unless the item is locked in a case, they don’t really care about it. Discount stores don’t care about making a scene. Wal Mart will chase you down if you steal a candy bar. Nordstroms will look the other way when you steal a Rolex.

Tip 2- Even a fancy store that sells items for several hundred dollars each, likely still pays their employees minimum wage. The part time college student working a the register isn’t going to mind one bit if something gets stolen. They definitely aren’t going to risk their job to stop someone from stealing something. If you walk out with something, it cost them absolutely nothing. If they try and stop you they will get questioned by their manager and have to fill out an incident report. They are better off letting it go.

Tip 3- If they do catch you, drop it and run. It isn’t stealing until you leave the store and it’s highly unlikely they will pursue you after you’ve left the premise. This is especially true in a small store with only a couple employees.

Tip 4- Sell the item in a situation where no one would expect the item to be stolen. Tell your friend you bought the wrong size but waited too long to return it and offer it to them for half price. Sell it on Ebay where thousands of legitimate businesses sell their products. Legitimate businesses don’t sell a lot of product on Craigslist or Pawnshops.

Tip 5- Practice putting yourself in risky situations and get comfortable with it. If you can truly act natural no one will question you. They will be more concerned with helping you as a customer than trying to catch a thief.

The reality is though that there are a lot more legal ways to make money than illegal ones. Even most illegal gains came spawn from legitimate businesses that took a shortcut. If you wanna make money, you are far better off just starting a real business. There aren’t very many wealthy criminals in the world. Most of them are just scraping by.

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