Rich Parents, Beautiful Kids

Every wonder why the beautiful people always seem to come from wealthy parents? Why do these special people get two win not one but to genetic lotteries and be born into both beauty and wealth?

There are two main reasons:

  1. The gene pool
  2. The maintenance costs

If you want a daughter that looks like this

You are going to need to be attractive yourself.

Beautiful people make more money. People with money also marry beautiful people. Money and beauty has been linked together for centuries. Wealthy attractive parents naturally breed attractive kids.

There is also the maintenance funnel. People with more money are likely more discipline with their diet and exercise and have access to healthier food options. This means their children spend far more time being active and exercising than watching TV and eating junk food. I attended a high end prep school with out 1200 students. Of the 1200 there were maybe a couple dozen that were overweight. 90% of the students played a sport at some point. This means we had a relatively good looking group of students compared to a public school.

When you have money, it’s easy to pay to look nice. You can afford to buy all the best beauty products and surgeries when necessary. It wasn’t uncommon among my classmates to get a cosmetic surgery after graduation.

This is Kendall Jenner. A normal teenager was morphed into a supermodel.

Possibly the biggest factor is the environment. Good looking wealthy people spend a lot of time around other good looking wealthy people. This means that if you want to compete, you must bring your A game. People in LA aren’t just naturally better looking. Good looking people flock to LA and it’s created a market of the beautifully elite. People in that environment work at a higher level than everyone else.

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